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Here’s a quick update on the youth! We are proud of our high school graduate Dustin Knox! We have several kids going into high school this fall. Thank for you your prayers and support of our teens. It has been wonderful seeing them get involved more in the church and the youth service. Please continue to encourage and support them. We are growing close as a group, and realizing how important it is to have each other.

Today's little thought that I want to leave you with is about masks.  I want you to reflect who your favorite super hero is. Our favorite super Heroes wear masks, but why – to hide their identity, their true selves. Often, we put on our own masks.  A mask for work, a mask for our family, school, our friends, and also church. Often at times we come to church with this mask that everything is fine but the truth is we are falling apart.  We all have masks.  If you are reading this, I would like you take out a piece of paper and draw your face on it. As most know I'm not creative, so a circle with eyes will work. On one side of the face I want you to write how you want people to view you, and see you. On the other side I want you to write down the things about you that people don't ever see. Is there a difference in the two sides of the mask? Like I was saying earlier, most of us come into church with our mask on. I really believe we all need to take time and reflect what areas we need to be honest with God?  How would being honest with God make a difference in your life? Take the piece of paper and crumble it.  Put down that mask and know that we are all broken but we need each other.  Reach out to your church family today and be real.  Read Luke 18:9–14

Junior High Camp (Ages 12 – 14) / June 25 – 30, 2017
Early Registration Cost:  $105.00*
Completed registration forms and payment need to be in the church office by June 4

Teens In Action (Ages 15 – 17) / July 16 – 22, 2017
Early Registration Cost:  $110.00*
Completed registration forms and payment need to be in the church office by June 25

*The ECY Dept. will pay ½ of the EARLY registration fee for youth who attend High Street Church